Best Espresso Machines For Home and Gourmet Coffee

The Espresso Machines and Coffee Makers for That Ultimate Cup of Gourmet Coffee

If you are in the market for the best espresso machines, there are a few things you may want to consider before you buy. There are numerous different types and styles of espresso machines and coffee makers and you will want to get the right one to suit your lifestyle so that you can make the most of it.

Whether you decide to spend little or a lot on espresso machines, you will want to ensure that it is going to be the best for your needs. You will want to balance the ease of use and the how to use with your style and pace of life.

The best espresso machine for your home

Finding espresso machines and coffee makers at online resources makes it really easy to compare and choose the perfect one. You will find that there are commercial that would suit any size of restaurant or café as well as ones for the home or apartment.

If you are the type that needs to have that gourmet coffee, latte or cappuccino, you will be amazed at how much money it saves you to make your own right from the home. When you are entertaining guests, it is also a nice gesture, especially for right after a dinner.

Before you begin your search for the perfect espresso machines to match you, you may want to narrow down the search by type.

Types of espresso machines:

  • Manual
  • Semi Automatic
  • Full Automatic
  • Super Automatic
  • Commercial

The Manual espresso machines are mechanically a very beautiful product, but they are also the most difficult to use. They require a lot of practice and patience, but the end result may be worth the effort. For most, these are not a practical option.

The semi automatic ones refer to the ones that have an electric pump system. Like the manual machine, it has a portafilter handle that you fill with your gourmet coffee, but it uses the pump to create the pressure instead of your arm power. These are a simpler version and easier to use.

The super automatics espresso machines have a built in grinder and generally a lot of other special features designed to make any choice of coffee drink. These are fast and convenient and much less maintenance. If you are serious about your coffee drinks, this is probably the one for you.

There are several different brands in the best espresso machines and coffee makers to choose from. Some of them may include:

*Bodum *Bunn *Capresso *Cuisinart *Gaggia *Java Joe’s *Krups *Solis *Mazzer *Nespresso *Cuisinart *la Pavoni *Lavazza *Supreme Bean *Pasquini

You will find that comparing and buying your best espresso machines, coffee makers or gourmet coffee is really easy online. You will also find other items you may need like the grinders or mugs.

As you narrow down your search by the type that will suit your style, you can also begin to compare the prices. The super automatic ones are going to be more than the manual or semi auto ones, but you may consider the convenience to be worth the few extra dollars.

This site is for all java lovers – no matter how serious you are. You will find the best espresso machines in many styles and brands, coffee makers, grinders, French press, milk frothers, kettles, coffee roasters, cups, accessories and more.

If you are the type that likes quality and excellence, you are sure to enjoy the items and information here.

Manual Espresso Machines Have Old World Charm and a Little Bit of Learning for Perfect Use!

Manual Espresso Machines are a beautiful piece of equipment. They are unique mechanically and in looks. The manual espresso machines are also the most difficult to use.
This type of manual espresso machines were the first ones capable of producing the correct brewing pressure. They required skilled baristas to operate them but they gave you a great end product.

The manual espresso machines date back many years, but the term espresso as a beverage was understood already in 1901. This is when Luigi Bezzera patented the words first machine, which was a giant steam driven thing.

The design and style of the manual espresso machines have definitely taken on a few changes over the years, but many still choose these over the others available on the market.

The manual lever type are the most beautiful coffee appliance and due to the craftsmanship and simplicity of the internal design, they are considered to be one of the most durable.

The down side to the manual espresso machines however are that they are not that easy to master. The clean up process is a bit more as well.

The advantage though is that they allow the person making the espresso complete control over the extraction process so that you can perfect it to your exact liking. For the discriminating drinker, this is something you may demand.

The price of the manuals are generally a bit less the the semi automatic or super auto ones, but you will probably still want to compare a few.

One of the Gaggia styles is a most elegant chrome piston styled machine. It is powered by hand to give the user ultimate control. It has a professional pressure gauge and a self-priming pump and drip proof system. It could be used for both home or commercial use. It is truly a beautiful item.

Or what about the La Pavoni professional one with a 38 oz. boiler capacity. This one makes 16 two oz cups of espresso. This one has dual frothing cappuccino system and a mounted pressure gauge with an internal thermostat to control pressure. This one is a bit more than some, but the extra features and the exquisite design make it worth the few extra dollars.

The manual espresso machines also make a great gift, but you will want to ensure that the recipient is a fussy espresso person, rather than a person that has a busy lifestyle. These are definitely an item to be savored, but not necessarily the most convenient and they take a bit to get the perfect cup of espresso.

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