What is green coffee bean extract?


What is green coffee bean extract?

Green coffee bean extract is derived from green coffee bean or raw coffee.

Green coffee beans are obtained from regular coffee beans but they differ in the way they are treated.

Once picked from the coffee plant the coffee beans are allowed to sun dry for several weeks. This process naturally allows the coffee beans to lose moisture and dry which after weeks eventually splits the coffee beans.

The resulting coffee beans are light green in colour and possess high antioxidant activity. It is this green coffee bean that is widely studied by researchers for its many benefits. Continue reading “What is green coffee bean extract?”

Green coffee side effects

Green coffee bean extract are known for its beneficial effects.

Unlike the conventional coffee beans that are roasted, green coffee beans are unprocessed and hold their natural phytonutrients intact which is the key to the many benefits associated with it.


With many studies underscoring its health effects like better glucose tolerance, improved blood lipid levels, high antioxidant activity and ability to promote weight loss, consuming green coffee seem a healthy additive to our everyday regimen.

What do we know from green coffee bean studies?

The many studies that investigated green coffee bean extract and its effects on animals and humans reveal the following findings:

Green coffee bean has powerful antioxidant effect: The biochemical and nutritional analysis of green coffee bean show that they have more antioxidants than conventional coffee beans. The primary antioxidant and active component are the chlorogenic acids which is a phenolic compound. Continue reading “Green coffee side effects”

Green Coffee Weight loss

Weight loss can be a very frustrating experience for many which involves calorie restriction and also exercise.

While some people can achieve weight loss through diet and exercise others may need extra help to achieve their ideal weight goal. This is where slimming pills help consumers.


There are many weight loss supplements available in the market that is geared to help consumers achieve their healthy weight goal, green coffee bean extract supplements are one among them that are currently among the top popular supplements recommended for weight loss.

The supplement is derived from green coffee bean which is the unprocessed coffee bean with a straw green hue which is why it is aptly called green coffee bean. The chemical components present in green coffee bean plays a primary role in promoting weight loss.

How green coffee bean may help in weight loss? Continue reading “Green Coffee Weight loss”

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