What is green coffee bean extract?


What is green coffee bean extract?

Green coffee bean extract is derived from green coffee bean or raw coffee.

Green coffee beans are obtained from regular coffee beans but they differ in the way they are treated.

Once picked from the coffee plant the coffee beans are allowed to sun dry for several weeks. This process naturally allows the coffee beans to lose moisture and dry which after weeks eventually splits the coffee beans.

The resulting coffee beans are light green in colour and possess high antioxidant activity. It is this green coffee bean that is widely studied by researchers for its many benefits.

Powerful antioxidants in green coffee bean

Green coffee bean is unprocessed (in its natural form) contains high amount of antioxidants. The coffee beans contains significantly high amounts of antioxidant chlorogenic acid.

While your regular roasted coffee beans do have some chlorogenic acids, the amount is higher in the unprocessed green coffee bean. It is also a significant source of other antioxidants diterpenes namely cafestol and kahweol.

Green coffee bean extract contain exclusively high levels of these antioxidants which are helpful in maintaining health. The antioxidant levels in green coffee beans are twice the amount present in conventional coffee beans.

Chlorogenic acids in particular have been an increasing area of interest among researchers for its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Caffeoylquinic acids (CQA) and dicaffeoylquinic acids (diCQA) are the main CGA found in nature. Some chlorogenic acids also occur in plants but a significant amount of it is present in green coffee bean.

Benefits of taking Green coffee bean extract supplements

  • Good source of powerful antioxidants
  • Provides twice the amount of antioxidants than in conventional coffee
  • Presence of chlorogenic acids in green coffee bean may help in weight loss
  • May help to increase body metabolism which in turn may promote effective fat loss

Research on green coffee weight loss

To date there are many research studies on the health benefits of green coffee bean. Recent studies demonstrated their ability to lower high blood pressure in rats and humans, enhanced blood vessel health, inhibition of fat accumulation and body weight in mice and human and changes in glucose metabolism in humans. These studies relate to the presence of high amounts of chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean.

It is well known that diet rich in certain dietary polyphenols such as the chlorogenic acid from green coffee bean extract may alter the intestinal glucose uptake in many ways.

Researchers believe that it is this property that might explain the cause of loss of body weight associated with green coffee bean extract supplements.

There are numerous supplements in the market touting be the key to weight loss, however it is important that the consumer looks carefully into their weight loss supplement to see if it can help reach the ideal weight.

Please bear in mind, it is also important to follow healthy eating practices and exercise regimen to help in effective weight loss. There is no short cut to weight loss and green coffee bean extract is one of the tools that my help accelerate weight loss in your body and should not be looked upon as a sole measure to achieving weight loss goals.

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