Green coffee side effects

Green coffee bean extract are known for its beneficial effects.

Unlike the conventional coffee beans that are roasted, green coffee beans are unprocessed and hold their natural phytonutrients intact which is the key to the many benefits associated with it.


With many studies underscoring its health effects like better glucose tolerance, improved blood lipid levels, high antioxidant activity and ability to promote weight loss, consuming green coffee seem a healthy additive to our everyday regimen.

What do we know from green coffee bean studies?

The many studies that investigated green coffee bean extract and its effects on animals and humans reveal the following findings:

Green coffee bean has powerful antioxidant effect: The biochemical and nutritional analysis of green coffee bean show that they have more antioxidants than conventional coffee beans. The primary antioxidant and active component are the chlorogenic acids which is a phenolic compound.

The other major subclasses present in phenolic compound include caffeoylquinic (CQA), feruloylquinic (FQA), and dicaffeoylquinic (diCQA) acids. It also contains significant amounts of diterpenes namely cafestol and kahweol which are also antioxidants. Research has clearly shown that consuming enough antioxidants in our diet helps fight off free radical damage which in turn prevents many degenerative diseases

May promote green coffee weight loss: Studies on mice and adults show that consuming green coffee bean extract may prevent weight gain in the long run.

Researchers found that specific component in green coffee bean extract namely chlorogenic compounds and theobromin promote weight loss effects by altering the way body takes up glucose in the intestine and utilized by the body.

One study also showed that green coffee bean extract was able to inhibit the activity of specific enzymes glucose-6-phosphatase which is responsible for favouring fat accumulation in the body. Yet another study showed consumption of green coffee bean altered the blood glucose and blood lipid parameters in humans which is of particular importance to patients suffering from diabetes.

May trigger thermogenesis: Research clearly show that certain natural ingredients can crank up the basic metabolic rate of the body which eventually leads to weight loss. Supplements containing green coffee bean extract are high in thermogenic-inducing components like caffeine and chlorogenic acid which can accelerate the rate at which body burns fat. Coffee may induce thermogenesis partly by inducing oxidation (breakdown) of fat deposits.

There is considerable evidence from human studies that support the hypothesis that coffee consumption promotes weight loss by increasing thermogenesis.

What about green coffee side effects?

Studies on green coffee bean extract indicate little or minimal side effects. There is evidence that participants of studies on green coffee indicated symptoms such as headache. Green coffee contains caffeine which has side effects when consumed in large quantities or if one exceeds the recommended dosage. Some common green coffee side effects associated with over dosing include anxiety, jitters, sleeplessness and increased heartbeat.

Those that have sensitivity to caffeine should exercise caution when using green coffee bean supplements.

It is advised that if you have a medical condition or taking medications it is necessary to take your doctor’s advice before starting this supplement.

It is also not suitable for women that are pregnant or breastfeeding as well as children.

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