Green Coffee Weight loss

Weight loss can be a very frustrating experience for many which involves calorie restriction and also exercise.

While some people can achieve weight loss through diet and exercise others may need extra help to achieve their ideal weight goal. This is where slimming pills help consumers.


There are many weight loss supplements available in the market that is geared to help consumers achieve their healthy weight goal, green coffee bean extract supplements are one among them that are currently among the top popular supplements recommended for weight loss.

The supplement is derived from green coffee bean which is the unprocessed coffee bean with a straw green hue which is why it is aptly called green coffee bean. The chemical components present in green coffee bean plays a primary role in promoting weight loss.

How green coffee bean may help in weight loss?

Green coffee bean extract is high in chlorogenic acid (CGA) which is the active ingredient in green coffee bean. Chlorogenic acid is also present in fruits and vegetables but in very small quantities, likewise it is also present in conventional coffee beans that are roasted but in minimal amounts.

Several studies on mice revealed that chlorogenic acid is an effective agent to bring about loss of weight. For instance, a 2010 study showed that chlorogenic acid from green coffee bean demonstrated anti-obesity effects as well as improved the blood lipid levels in obese mice. In human subjects consumption of coffee is found to be useful in healthy weight management.

Science behind green coffee weight loss

Animal studies and some human studies indicate that green coffee beans can induce loss of weight in overweight or obese conditions. Researchers propose that the ability of chlorogenic acid to alter the way glucose is used by the body as the key factor behind weight loss.

A 2007 study clearly demonstrated that chlorogenic acids plays a role blood glucose levels after a meal. The same study also indicated that there was influence in the serum lipid levels as well as glucose absorption from the intestine. The study also revealed the mechanism behind the alterations in glucose uptake.

According to researchers chlorogenic acids in green coffee beans reduce the intestinal absorption of glucose by triggering the dispersal of the sodium electrolyte gradient. This mechanism prevents the entry of glucose into the enterocytes, a site where glucose is absorbed in intestine.

Thus inhibits the activity of glucose – 6-phophatase an enzyme that is involved in generation of fat cells (adipose tissue). This factor has an effect on the way fat accumulates in the body, which is proposed as one of the reasons for loss of weight in obese mice.

Furthermore, studies also show that the potent antioxidant activity of chlorogenic acid also influence the glucose uptake in the intestine promoting loss of weight.

In human studies intake of coffee was found to produce changes in the glycaemic markers in older adults. Similarly other research also indicate that coffee consumption can lead to reductions in long term weight gain especially due to the thermogenic effect of caffeine, chlorogenic acid and other beneficial compounds.

Some researchers also postulate that chlorogenic acid might have an antagonistic effect on glucose transport which on the long term influences by inhibiting weight gain.

Green coffee seems to be a promising tool as a slimming agent.

Along with healthy eating plan, a regular exercise regimen and consumption of green coffee bean in the form of a beverage or pill may help accelerate weight loss goals.

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